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Carlisle Cocktail Bar

Our extensive back bar encompasses a wide selection of boutique, international beers and ciders, excellent quality spirits and liqueurs, and wines from independent, vineyards in both the Old and New wine countries.

Our knowledgable bar staff will create delicious, bespoke cocktail using the freshest ingredients, the finest spirits and with the upmost attention to detail. Our cocktail menu delves into historic classic cocktails to the cutting edge of mixology, plus our 'Circle Favourites' is a mix of customer and bar tenders house favourites over the years! Our cocktail specials change weekly, so there is always something new to try out. We are able to create cocktails not on our current menu, just ask if you can't find something to your taste!

Our beers and wines complement our excellent food menu, and we can advise on food and wine/beer parings on request.

Please ask us for our guest beer, as it changes on a regular basis.

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Drinks Offers

Cocktail Club
Sundays from 5pm

our popular Sunday night cocktail
club continues, with all welcome. Enjoy
any of our cocktails from our extensive
cocktail list with £2 off

(Excludes Bank Holidays).

Cocktail bar Cumbria

The Lotus

Lets gets started with the ingredients list;

Cocktail Shaker
Cocktail Glass
Bar Spoon (Large Spoon will do)
Small Bar Sieve

1 of measure Briottet Litchi liqueur
1 measure of Beefeater 24 Gin
1 tsp of Grenadine
Volare blue curacao
Handful of Fresh Mint
Crushed Ice

All measures are based on 25ml

Step 1

Measure out the Beefeater Gin, Litchi and Blue Curacao in to half of the cocktail Shaker.

Cocktail bar Cumbria

Step 2

Place the fresh mint into the palm of your hand and slap your hands together to release the flavour, add mint to the half cocktail shaker.

Cocktail bar Cumbria

Step 3

With the bar spoon poor out the Grenadine in to the half cocktail shaker.

Cocktail bar Cumbria

Step 4

Fill the Glass with large ice cubes,.

Cocktail bar Cumbria

Step 5

Place the metal section to the cocktail maker on to the glass, and shake until the metal section goes frosty

Cocktail bar Cumbria

Step 6

Fill a glass with crushed ice, and poor the cocktail mixture through a sieve

Cocktail bar Cumbria

Step 7

Decorate with a cone of crushed ice and a sprig of mint

Cocktail bar Cumbria

A: 5-10 Lowther Arcade, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8LX

T: 01228 599939

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